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Welcome to Lipkin's Bakery

Home of Mitch's Delicious Knishes

"We specialize in affordable indulgences."

8013 Castor Avenue

Philadelphia, PA. 19152

(215) 342-3005

Who We Are

Lipkin's Bakery is a third generation bakery located in Philadelphia, PA. We use the best ingredients money can buy. That, coupled with our many years of experience makes great tasting kosher products.


Mission Statement

"I remember when I was a boy, there were always freshly baked products in our house. The fresh bread on the table made all our meals taste a little special. I want to keep that experience alive with our baked goods." -Mitch Lipkin, Owner


Placing Orders

Our delicious products can be ordered in the bakery or on the phone. Call (215) 342-3005 for orders and pricing, or take a look at some of our selection online.



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